Now that I’ve decided to have surgery, I still have a few decisions facing me.

I have Aetna and they will supposedly cover my surgery 100% as long as I meet the criteria. The problem is, I’m worried I’ll get denied because I don’t have the adequate weight history, which means I would have to put off the surgery until the summer of next year.

The problem with that is that I’m a temp and don’t know if I’ll even have the same insurance by that time. In which case I waited for nothing.

What I could do instead is apply for financing and get the surgery done in Mexico. In which case I would try to get it done sometime before Christmas or just after New Year’s.

What I’m having trouble deciding is if it’s better to go through the three month hoop jumping to see if I can get approved with my current weight history at the risk of getting denied, just put it off altogether and hope I have the same insurance next summer, or proceed with trying to get it done in Mexico, and even there should I try for December/January (when I’ll have a break from school) or use it as a last resort if next summer doesn’t pan out.

I think what I’m having most difficulty is with the idea of waiting nearly another year when I’ve already made up my mind. I kind of want to just get it over with, you know? But maybe waiting that long would actually be a good thing as it would give me tons of time to prepare.

But I think what I’ll end up doing is see how far I can go with the three month program at my local bariatric unit before deciding to get surgery out of the country. Which most likely will mean a January surgery date for me either way.