Wednesday night I had my first ever hypnotherapy session. I thought I would look into other therapeutic methods to try and address my eating disorders. It was only one session, and I don’t know how much impact it had in changing my habits, but it was a remarkable experience just the same.

One thing I did come away with is a better understanding of why those disorders exist and some insight on where they come from. What I find most incredible is that it feels as though I had this knowledge all along and having this hypnotherapy experience served to just bring it into focus.

There’s obviously a strong emotional connection, and if anyone is struggling as well, feel free to contact me to discuss in further detail. One thing in particular though that left me with this moment of “Oh, yeah, that makes sense” is that the motivation for my eating behaviors is strongly correlated to my motivations for the self-harming practices I have engaged in in the past. And now it seems like such an obvious connection to make, but it was something that just never clicked until now.

Hopefully with this greater awareness I’ll be in a better position to try and make the changes necessary to finally overcome these disorders. Much more therapy is certainly in order, but for the first time I feel like maybe I have a chance of achieving what I have never been able to before: a healthy relationship with food that is motivated by my physical, rather than my emotional, need for nourishment.